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RE-4 Jarabe de Ginseng 16 Oz

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RE4, tonic, sexual stimulant, increases physical energy, improve memory, with ginseng, vitamins and malt extract.

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Powerful natural tonic for sexual adult; its excellent combination of Ginseng extract more malt extract more honey, activates a higher than normal strength and increased vigor and energy. The plant root as violso: Ginseng, has excellent properties, extracted from the soil and absorbing sufficient amounts of iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, among others. All this composition is allowing convert to RE-4 in a powerful aphrodisiac (sexual stimulant); besides helping directly to: stimulate appetite, lower cholesterol, favors memory, clean arteries, slows aging, reduce the symptoms of pressure, acts on the immune system (increasing the defense), stimulates the formation of the red blood cells (so helps the disappearance of anemia). The presence of malt extract, acts as a nutrient and tonic, facilitating digestion, so we say that exerts a “fuel” for muscles and brain. It can take two tablespoons three times a day for adults.

Un restituyente masculino de la calidad mas alta y resultados.

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1 review for RE-4 Jarabe de Ginseng 16 Oz

  1. Juan

    Very good Product.

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